“Understanding the Rising Threat of ShadowSyndicate: A Comprehensive Guide to New Age Cybercrime”

“Understanding the Rising Threat of ShadowSyndicate: A Comprehensive Guide to New Age Cybercrime”

The Rising Threat of ShadowSyndicate


Fit your digital security helmets, folks. We’re about to dive into the murky depths of the world-wide web, where cybercrime dons designer code and goes by the name ShadowSyndicate. This newly exposed group, previously known under its less glamorous alias ‘InfraStorm’, has been wreaking virtual havoc, brazenly swinging around not just one, but seven different ransomware families. Talk about big code energy!

The Main Points

  • A new cybercrime gang named ShadowSyndicate, previously termed Infra Storm, has been detected.
  • They’ve been handy-dandy with as many as seven ransomware families over the past year.
  • ShadowSyndicate is an active participant in the ransomware arena, frequently working with various affiliated groups.

ShadowSyndicate: The Dark Horse of the Cybercriminal World

Newsflash: In a telling report from Group-IB and Bridewell, ShadowSyndicate is outed as a threat actor working with multiple ransomware groups and their respective programs. By the way, ‘threat actor’ is cybersecurity jargon for ‘the baddies’.

The Shifting Sands of Cybercrime: The ShadowSyndicate Timeline

In a tech space-time twist, ShadowSyndicate, after being active since probably a time even your grandfather’s manuals wouldn’t remember, recently came into the limelight for their merry-go-round of seven different ransomware methods. Perhaps they were trying to outdo themselves or simply wanted to add more feathers to their cyber hats. Guess we’ll never know.


Upon reflecting on ShadowSyndicate’s devious versatility, it’s clear that the world of cybercrime is evolving fast as lightning, brief as a Snapchat, yet leaving a permanent mark as an embarrassing Facebook memory from 2011. So, here’s the digital takeaway from your virtual cup of joe: Stay vigilant, update your security measures, and always stick to the adage “Better safe than sorry.”

Summary: A freshly spotted cybercrime group called ShadowSyndicate (formerly known as Infra Storm) has reportedly been rotating through seven types of ransomware over the past year. Introducing unpredictability to the cybercrime mix, this new player, according to joint reports from Group-IB and Bridewell, works actively with various other ransomware groups and their associated programs. These findings climax to a reminder, not in a monotone office-memo style, but rather in a “dad trying to be hip whilst discussing serious topics” way: stay safe online!

Remember, folks. In the realm of cybersecurity, you’ve gotta do more than just Ctrl +S to save the day!

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/09/shadowsyndicate-new-cybercrime-group.html


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