Understanding XWorm: A Deep Dive into the New Trojan Threat

Understanding XWorm: A Deep Dive into the New Trojan Threat

XWorm: The New Kid on the Trojan Block

– A new addition to the remote access trojan (RAT) family, XWorm, is emerging as a major global threat.
– XWorm has undergone significant upgrades since its first appearance in 2022, improving its functionality and resilience.
– A team of analysts from ANY.RUN have recently encountered the latest version of this cyber threat.

Introducing XWorm: Not Your Average Trojan Horse

Breaking news from digital town: A new jockey, named XWorm, has joined the infamous Trojan Horse race. This rookie has been causing a cyber stir since it strut onto the malware racetrack in 2022. This isn’t your ordinary equine impostor though, it’s got some serious binary brawn behind it, and it’s redefining what it means to be a remote access trojan (RAT).

Never Judge a Trojan by Its Initial Code

The saying “you’re only as good as your last line of code” clearly applies to XWorm. Since its first iteration, it’s had a digital glow up, going through multiple substantial upgrades that have turbocharged its functionality. It’s like swapping from a horse-drawn chariot to an automated, self-driving one – talk about kicking up some cyber dust!

A Chance Encounter with ANY.RUN

The curious folks at ANY.RUN, no strangers to cyber shenanigans, had a run-in (pun intended) with this new RAT. While they’re still dissecting all the gossip it’s whispering into their tech-ears, early signs point to this version of XWorm being one for the cybersecurity history books.


To sum it up, XWorm is the newest RAT on the block, bursting onto the scene in 2022 and causing a serious buzz in the cybersecurity world. Its constant evolution and increased functionality have attracted the attention of researchers at ANY.RUN, who are currently dissecting the underpinnings of its latest iteration. But as they say in the tech world, “the only thing constant is change” – so keep an eye on this RAT. It might just surprise you with its next upgrade!Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/09/inside-code-of-new-xworm-variant.html


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