“Unlocking Convenience: Microsoft Introduces Passkeys Support on Windows 11”

“Unlocking Convenience: Microsoft Introduces Passkeys Support on Windows 11”

Microsoft Rolls Out Support for Passkeys on Windows 11

Here is a summary of the main points:

– Microsoft releases a major update which includes support for passkeys on Windows 11
– Passkeys allow users to log into websites and applications without entering a username and password
– The user’s device PIN or biometric information are instead used for authentication
– This feature is based on the FIDO standards
– The Passkey feature was first announced in May

Microsoft’s Big Leap: Passkeys on Windows 11

Today is our lucky day as Microsoft is sprinkling a little bit of tech magic on Windows 11. This trick isn’t something out of a magician’s hat, but a major overhaul as they officially roll out support for passkeys. Now, if your tech memory fails, don’t fret! This is not another iteration of ‘pass the parcel’ game but simply a nifty feature that lets users log into websites and applications without sweating over remembering usernames and passwords.

No More Password Overload

Passwords, beware! You’re no longer the king of the castle. With the release of Passkeys, Windows 11 users will be able to switch from the cumbersome traditional log-in methods to a more seamless, user-friendly system. If you’re someone who needs a ‘password diary’, it’s time to bid it farewell. Instead of using the regular username and password combo, users can now depend on their beloved device PIN or let their unique biometric information take the stage.

FIDO Standards for Enhanced Security

Don’t get too excited and forget about security, though! Sorry to burst your bubble, but no technology is perfect. However, Microsoft ensures maximum security by basing this feature on the FIDO standards – an international, open industry standard that prioritizes secure and easy-to-use online authentication.

A Recap on the Journey of Microsoft Passkeys

Lastly, let’s give credit where due! This Passkey feature isn’t exactly fresh off the Microsoft tech conveyor belt. It was first announced back in May. So although it’s a little late to the party, like a good dad at a BBQ, it finally showed up and promises to be of great use.

In summary, Microsoft has launched support for Passkeys on Windows 11, a feature allowing users to log into websites and applications without the need for usernames and passwords. This user-friendly update, following the FIDO standards, pointers towards a future where forgetting passwords is a thing of the past! It’s like finding out your fridge refills itself; amazing, right? As they say, this is one small step for a man, and one giant leap for Windows kind.Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/09/microsoft-is-rolling-out-support-for.html


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