“Unlocking SaaS Security: Exploring the Impact of Configuration Management and New Data Breach Trends”

“Unlocking SaaS Security: Exploring the Impact of Configuration Management and New Data Breach Trends”

SaaS Security Unplugged: The Root and Branch of Configuration Management

Main points in the article:
– The origin of SaaS Security found in configuration management
– 35% of all security breaches stem from misconfigured security settings
– The expansion of initial access vectors to SaaS data in the past three years
– Introduction of new video series, “SaaS Security on Tap”

Configuration: The Root of SaaS Security

We may think of cloud-based software as a kind of “cloudy cocktail”- a concoction that should be hard to spoil. Yet, like a badly mixed cocktail, 35% of all security breaches can be traced back to bad recipes, or in tech-lingo, misconfigured security settings.

A Sweet-to-Sour Swizzle in Three Years

In less time than it takes to age a fine whiskey, the landscape of access to SaaS data has witnessed its ice rocks melting. That’s right! In the past three years, the ways to tap into SaaS data have broadened beyond simple configuration management issues. This expansion has made SaaS data accessible to those not invited to the party, contributing to a plethora of security concerns.

Introducing: SaaS Security on Tap

What can be more intoxicating than resolving SaaS security breaches while enjoying a glass of your preferred brew? The new video series “SaaS Security on Tap” serves you just that! Set in the backdrop of Eliana V’s bar, where the only leak to fear is from a beer tap, this series aims to help ensure your data doesn’t leave the party before you want it to.


In a nutshell, SaaS security sprouted from configuration management. However, over the past three years, the multitude of roads leading to SaaS data has gone beyond just configuration management. This has led to an increase in security breaches, prompting the need for more extensive security diligence. Enter “SaaS Security on Tap,” a video series designed to serve you with the latest in SaaS security (and beer!), ensuring your data stays put in its rightful place. As they say, let loose the beer, but tighten the tap on your data security!

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/10/the-fast-evolution-of-saas-security.html

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