“Unmasking 5Ghoul: Understanding Security Flaws in 5G Modems”

“Unmasking 5Ghoul: Understanding Security Flaws in 5G Modems”

Frightening Firmware Foibles: How Security Flaws Impact 5G Modems

Main Points

  • Major chipset vendors, MediaTek and Qualcomm, are affected by security flaws in 5G network modem firmware.
  • These vulnerabilities impact a range of devices, from USB and IoT modems to hundreds of smartphone models running Android and iOS.
  • The collective of 14 issues, dubbed as “5Ghoul,” predominantly affect these 5G modems.

The Ghost in the Machine: 5Ghoul’s Reign of Terror

Over the horizon, in the eerie land of modems and chipset vendors like MediaTek and Qualcomm, lurks a terrifying phantom. This ghoulish specter comes by the name of 5Ghoul, a collection of 14 spine-chilling vulnerabilities dwelling in the firmware implementation of 5G mobile network modems. So, just when you thought it was safe to upload that cute cat video, 5Ghoul might just be lurking in your device, ready to give you a digital scare!

Devices Turned into Tech House of Horrors

What’s even spookier about these security flaws? They don’t just haunt 5G modems; they’ve spread their ghostly influence to USB and IoT modems as well. Hundreds of smartphone models running on either Android or iOS have also reportedly seen ectoplasmic traces of these firmware bogeymen. Too scared to check your phone now? I don’t blame you!

The Paramount Predicaments of 5Ghoul’s Weaknesses

Out of this tech terror anthology of 14 issues known collectively as 5Ghoul, 10 have specifically taken up residence in MediaTek and Qualcomm 5G modems. These make up the bulk of the creepy crawlies terrorizing our digital landscape – a ghoulish graveyard where safety seems to hang out as often as a vampire seeing the sunrise.


In the frightening world of tech, 5G modems from major chipset vendors MediaTek and Qualcomm are experiencing difficulties due to a chilling collection of 14 firmware vulnerabilities, aptly named 5Ghoul. These issues have stretched their spectral fingers beyond mobile network modems to haunt USB and IoT modems and the nightmarish realm of Android and iOS smartphones. Boo! Safety might seem like it’s gone ghost, but remember, knowledge is the garlic to these digital vampires.

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/12/new-5g-modems-flaws-affect-ios-devices.html

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