“Unmasking BlueNoroff: New macOS Malware ObjCShellz Revealed by Jamf Threat Labs”

“Unmasking BlueNoroff: New macOS Malware ObjCShellz Revealed by Jamf Threat Labs”

BlueNoroff Connected to Newly Identified macOS Malware: ObjCShellz

  • BlueNoroff, a North Korea-linked nation-state group, has been linked to a new macOS malware strain named ObjCShellz.
  • The details about the malware were disclosed by cybersecurity group Jamf Threat Labs.
  • The malware has been detected in RustBucket malware campaign unveiled earlier this year.

North Korea’s BlueNoroff Fingered for ObjCShellz’s Mischief

North Korea is no stranger to the dark world of malware and this time it’s the nation-state group, BlueNoroff stealing the limelight. While we are often ‘bluenoroff’ with their antics, this time the group has conjured up a new macOS malware strain, ObjCShellz. Consider it the “bad apple” of the macOS family. More malware than munchkin, more worm than apple.

Jamf Threat Labs Discloses Malware Details

You know you’re in a sticky situation when a cybersecurity group as reputed as Jamf Threat Labs has blown your cover. The group kind of put on their metaphorical lab coats, rolled up their sleeves, and dived headfirst into the macOS malware pool, fishing out the unearthly ‘ObjCShellz’. They laid out the green-disc-like creature on the lab table and wow, was it a sight. But beware, this isn’t your ordinary alien—it’s a tough nut to crack.

RustBucket Malware Campaign: Adding to the Pile

Earlier this year, RustBucket malware campaign took the center stage. Now, it appears that ObjCShellz is not just another face in the crowd but a star performer of the RustBucket act. It might have been late to the party, but it sure knows how to steal the show. After all, better late than never, right?

In Summary,

The North Korea-linked nation-state group, BlueNoroff, is the creator of a previously undocumented macOS malware, ObjCShellz, throwing a curveball for cybersecurity analysts worldwide. This revelation comes from the reports by Jamf Threat Labs. The ObjCShellz malware is suspected to have been used as part of the RustBucket malware campaign launched earlier this year. Our digital world may be a barrel of laughs, but this latest addition could be the ‘apple’ of everyone’s eye for all the wrong reasons!

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/11/n-korean-bluenoroff-blamed-for-hacking.html

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