Unmasking Cloudzy: An Iranian Company Powering Cyber Threats Globally

Unmasking Cloudzy: An Iranian Company Powering Cyber Threats Globally

**Main Points:**

– A relatively unknown Iranian company, Cloudzy, offers services used by various threat groups including cybercrime organizations and nation-state actors.
– Cloudzy is registered in the U.S but it is suspected to operate from Tehran, Iran, potentially violating U.S. sanctions.
– The company is managed by a person named Hassan Nozari, according to Halcyon.

Cloudy with a Chance of Cyber Threats

From the corner of the globe that seems rather distant, an obscure Iranian company called Cloudzy is gaining attention. However, this is not due to some groundbreaking innovation or a dazzling unicorn startup venture. Instead, it’s due to the company’s unique offering: services preferred by numerous threat groups, running the spectrum from international cybercrime gangs to even nation-state crews. Talk about diversifying your client base!

US Incorporated but Tehran Operated

What renders the situation cloudier (see what I did there?) is the company’s location paradox. While Cloudzy is legally registered in Uncle Sam’s land, sharp-eyed observers suspect it of operating from Tehran, Iran. This not-so-subtle sidestep may be occurring at the expense of U.S. sanctions, creating a Silicon Valley shell game on a global scale. Now that’s what I call remote work on steroids!

Who’s the Boss? Hassan Nozari, Allegedly

Hassan Nozari, an individual possibly more elusive than a chameleon in a Skittle storm, is the alleged puppeteer pulling the strings at Cloudzy. According to Halcyon, Mr. Nozari is maneuvering this international chessboard from behind the scenes. Remember folks, it’s not always ‘what’ you know, sometimes it’s ‘who’ you know, or in this case, ‘who’ we think we know!

In Summary:

Despite its obscurity, Cloudzy is making waves in the cybersecurity world, not for its innovative solution but for its services favored by cyber threats. Although incorporated in the U.S, it’s believed to operate from Iran, potentially overstepping U.S. sanctions. The ringleader of this elusive outfit is allegedly Hassan Nozari. So, while Cloudzy might not be your typical ‘cloud’ platform, it’s certainly shaping up to be a whirlwind of intrigue in the realm of cybersecurity. And remember, even in the world of tech, you can’t always trust the clouds…they may rain on your data parade!

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/08/iranian-company-cloudzy-accused-of.html


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