“Unmasking Cyber Threats: Exploring the Rise of LOLBAS Attacks and Insights from Pentera’s Nir Chako”

“Unmasking Cyber Threats: Exploring the Rise of LOLBAS Attacks and Insights from Pentera’s Nir Chako”

Living Off the Land: Threat Actors Get More Creative!

Main points:

– Security researchers find 11 new binaries-and-scripts that pose a threat to system security
– These crafty scripts and binaries, called LOLBAS, may be repurposed for malicious activity
– By using already existing system parts, LOLBAS slips past security
– Pentera’s researcher, Nir Chako, gives his point of view

Shaking Up the Security Norms: LOLBAS Discovered

Remembering the password for your email account might feel like a cybersecurity victory, but actual security researchers have been busy uncovering a bit more complicated stuff. They have stumbled upon a fresh batch of 11 living-off-the-land binaries-and-scripts (LOLBAS) that could be repurposed by threat actors for post-exploitation mischief. Talk about taking recycling to a new, not-so-eco-friendly level!

LOLBAS: The Bad Guy Disguised as Good Guy

Nir Chako, a cyber-detective from Pentera, cheerfully explains that LOLBAS is an attack method that uses already present scripts and binaries in your system to achieve dubious goals. Kind of like your computer is hosting a masquerade ball, and the villains are masquerading as friends and dancing right under your antivirus’s nose! This repurposing goes unnoticed by security teams, as the components are native to the system, making it their perfect Trojan horse.

Be Aware, Stay Protected

The discovery underlines the need for enhanced security measures and a comprehensive security strategy that includes understanding and monitoring such deceptive tactics. So, strengthen your cybersecurity seatbelt, and keep your eyes peeled for those deceptive performance figures – they might just be malware in sheep’s clothing!

To summarize, cybersecurity is having its “wolf in sheep’s clothing” moment with the discovery of 11 new LOLBAS – a technique where attackers utilize existing system components for their harmful schemes. Pentera’s Nir Chako has put the spotlight on this sneaky maneuver, cautioning security teams to keep a vigilant eye and upgrade their protection mechanisms. As threat actors get more creative, the digital world must too – after all, in the world of cyber threats, we’re all just racing to keep up!

Now you know about LOLBAS. Don’t feel too bad about it. After all, every computer geek must face the “Binary” of good and evil!

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/08/lolbas-in-wild-11-living-off-land.html


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