“Unmasking Cyberattack Frequencies: A 90-Day Analysis by Blackberry’s Threat Research & Intelligence Team”

“Unmasking Cyberattack Frequencies: A 90-Day Analysis by Blackberry’s Threat Research & Intelligence Team”

A Quick Look at Cyberattack Frequencies

Main Points

  • The BlackBerry® Threat Research and Intelligence Team analyzed 90 days of data to assess the frequency of cyberattacks.
  • Businesses and governments are frequently targeted by threat actors.
  • Cyber attack statistics are available in the latest BlackBerry Global Threat Intelligence Report.

Drilling Down the Data

Ever wondered how often cyberattacks happen, like if they are as frequent as I lose my phone in the couch? Apparently, often enough. The folks over at BlackBerry’s Threat Research and Intelligence Team took the time to dig into this, turning their magnifying glass towards 90 days of real-world data. They worked like digital Sherlock Holmes minus the weird hat to encompass the global span of cyberattacks.

No rest for the weary, especially if you are a Business or Government

It appears businesses and governments all around our blue spinning earth are like honey pots to these cyber menace makers. They are targeted relentlessly, proving that threats don’t discriminate. If you are anything like me, you’ve likely forgotten where you left your coffee cup just now, but these threat actors certainly don’t miss their targets.

Reporting on Threat Intelligence

If you’re interested in some cold hard cyber attack figures, look no further! BlackBerry has issued their latest global intel report. Which is more information-packed than my uncle’s Thanksgiving turkey to give you the juice on cyber attack statistics. I’m told, it’s less digestible but arguably more consequential than holiday overeating complications. So, save room after dinner to digest these real-world numbers.

Summarizing the Cyber Threat Landscape

In summary, the cyber threat landscape is buzzing with activity, unfortunately more than my phone during a family group chat. The BlackBerry® Threat Research and Intelligence Team’s 90-day study peeled back the curtain on this normally hidden world, revealing that threat actors are consistently hacking away at businesses and governments worldwide, not unlike that seemingly endless supply of dad-jokes in your inbox.

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/08/numbers-dont-lie-exposing-harsh-truths.html

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