“Unmasking DJVU: The Ransomware Strain Hiding in Cracked Software”

“Unmasking DJVU: The Ransomware Strain Hiding in Cracked Software”

A Sneaky Ransomware Dance: DJVU Variant in Cracked Software

Main points:

– A variant of the known ransomware strain, DJVU, has been found distributed through cracked software.
– This uncommon DJVU variant appends a “.xaro” extension to infected files and demands ransom for decryption.
– The attacks were observed alongside various commodity loaders and infostealers.

Cracking the Case of the Cracked Software

First off, let’s crack a joke about cracked software, shall we? Why don’t software crackers make good secret agents? Because they can’t help revealing the code! Jokes aside, unfortunately, the decision to use cracked software comes with the inherent risk of inviting unwanted cyber threats, like our DJVU variant. DJVU, a ransomware strain typically aims at personal files and then demands a ransom for their release. The sighting in this case seems to be lurking inside cracked software downloads, a bit like a bad surprise at a birthday party.

Meet the DJVU’s New Dance: The Xaro Extension

Next up, we have DJVU turning up the heat with a real “twist”, taking its nasty party trick further. The variant of DJVU observed recently incorporates a particularly cheeky routine by adding a “.xaro” extension to any affected files. Talk about an unwanted autograph! This in turn leaves the victim files unreadable, the culprits don’t just ask nicely for a fee to fix the mess, they demand a ransom!

The Unwelcomed Cohorts of DJVU

If one villain wasn’t enough, our DJVU variant doesn’t come alone. Accompanying the DJVU variant are various commodity loaders and infostealers, acting as a frequent sidekick in its mischievous endeavors. These notorious partners in crime assist in exploiting the vulnerabilities and extracting sensitive information. The party unfortunately doesn’t stop at adding extensions to files.


While users may be tempted to dance with the convenience of cracked software, they need to consider the potential danger that lurks within. There is the risk of a sophisticated ransomware strain like DJVU and its gang of infostealers seizing control of their data with forwarding moves like the “.xaro” extension. So, in a nutshell, this isn’t the kind of cracking that leads to hilarious dad jokes or safe software, it potentially leads to corrupted, hijacked files and stolen sensitive information. A security gamble that doesn’t leave observers cracking up.Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/11/djvu-ransomwares-latest-variant-xaro.html


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