Unmasking Malware: How Infected Machines Become Proxy Exit Nodes

Unmasking Malware: How Infected Machines Become Proxy Exit Nodes

Malware-Infected Machines Turned Into Proxy Exit Nodes

  • Threat actors are using malware-infected machines, Windows and macOS, for proxy server applications and turning them into exit nodes to reroute proxy requests.
  • The company delivering this proxy service runs more than 400,000 proxy exit nodes, but it’s unclear how many have been taken over by the malware.
  • AT&T Alien Labs reported these findings, though the name of the company offering the proxy service is yet undisclosed.

Mischievous Manipulation of Malware

Folks, when it comes to traffic jams, we can only hope Waze is there to help. But what happens when it’s not your ride experiencing the traffic but your computer? Threat actors, or as I like to call them, the digital road ragers, are taking control of malware-infected Windows and macOS machines. They’re transforming them into proxy servers, turning them into exit nodes to reroute proxy requests. It’s like getting redirected through a town you’ve never heard of on your way home, only in this case, it’s your data taking the trip!

Proxy Pandemonium

Suppose you’re unaware of what a proxy server does. In that case, think of it as a middleman between your computer and the Internet, masking your IP address to give you a veil of privacy – like a digital witness protection program. Now, one company running such a service had over 400,000 proxy exit nodes. These nodes are the final relay, or the ‘last exit before the toll,’ if you will. But the kicker is, it’s blurry how many of them have been hijacked by unsolicited software.

AT&T Alien Labs: the Digital Traffic Cops

The guys and gals over at AT&T Alien Labs have been observing this nefarious twist of tech. Even though they haven’t yet spilt the beans on the company offering the proxy service, it’s safe to say that there’s work to be done to secure these nodes and keep digital traffic flowing smoothly. We’ll be here, waiting for their next update like kids before a school cancellation announcement.

Summary of the Chaos

To put it all in a nutshell, your computer could be part of an unwanted roadtrip. Malware-infected Windows and macOS machines are repurposed as proxy servers, transforming them into exit nodes for rerouting traffic. A yet unnamed company providing this proxy service manages over 400,000 of these exits and it’s uncertain how many were manipulated by malware. AT&T Alien Labs brought this issue to light, making it more clear than ever that we must keep vigilant on our digital highways.

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/08/this-malware-turned-thousands-of-hacked.html

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