“Unmasking Operation Dream Job: Trojan Attacks by Lazarus Group through VNC Apps”

“Unmasking Operation Dream Job: Trojan Attacks by Lazarus Group through VNC Apps”

Operation Dream Job: Advanced Trojan Attack Traced to Lazarus Group

– The North Korea-linked Lazarus Group is using trojanized versions of Virtual Network Computing (VNC) apps to target the defense industry and nuclear engineers.
– The group tricks job seekers on social media into opening malicious apps for fake job interviews, an operation known as Operation Dream Job.

Trojanized Tech: VNC apps Fall Prey to Lazarus

Lazarus Group, infamous for their North Korean origins and cyber threats, have now been seen using trojanized Virtual Network Computing (VNC) apps. Forget horse-head in your bed, these guys like to leave a nasty surprise in your software. They’ve made a deviant twist to the usual job recruitment process, making it less LinkedIn and more “Link-is-in (your system)”.

Operation Dream Job: Innocence Misused

What’s in a name? This operation known as “Dream Job” is as much a dream job as performing tech support for your grandparents. The sneaky Lazarus Group, like a cunning fox with a keyboard, has been luring unsuspecting job seekers on social media with the promise of job interviews. Little did they know they’re opening Pandora’s app of malicious threats, instead of climbing corporate ladders, they’re descending into the dark abyss of cyber attacks.

Summary: Job Seekers Beware

In summary, the Lazarus Group hailing from North Korea is executing a plan called Operation Dream Job. It’s similar to “hide a bug in your buddy’s sandwich”, but they’re doing it using job interviews via apps filled with malware. Much like catching Pokemon in the wild, the target here are defense industry employees and nuclear engineers. Instead of getting a “dream job,” you end up playing Peek-a-Boo with dangerous malware. So, next time someone promises you a dream job online, remember: it could very well be a dream… a dream filled with network-destroying nightmares.

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/10/lazarus-group-targeting-defense-experts.html

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