“Unmasking Operation Jacana: Cyber Espionage Strikes Guyana’s Government”

“Unmasking Operation Jacana: Cyber Espionage Strikes Guyana’s Government”

When Hackers Have a Field Day: Operation Jacana Targets Guyana’s Government

Operation Jacana Takes Aim

In quite an eye-opening development, it seems the government wasn’t busy bickering just among themselves, but were also dealing with an unwelcome guest, a cyber espionage campaign known as Operation Jacana. I tell ya, those cyber shenanigans never take a day off!

– The governmental entity in Guyana was targeted by a cyber espionage campaign called Operation Jacana.
– ESET, the Slovak cybersecurity firm, detected the activity in February 2023.
– The intrusion involved a spear-phishing attack that led to the deployment of an as yet undocumented implant, written in C++, named DinodasRAT.
– The cybersecurity firm was able to link the intrusion to a known malicious actor or group.

Unleashing the DinodasRAT

Now, this was not just any ordinary phishing attack. It was a spear-phishing attack (sounds techy, right?). This led to the deployment of a rare breed of cyber beast called DinodasRAT(Perhaps it’s a distant cousin of the T-Rex?). This unique implant, written in C++, was undocumented until now. Seems like even the tech world has its own version of Jurassic Park!

Linking the Intrusion to a Known Threat

This is where things get more interesting. The sleuths at cybersecurity firm ESET could link this intrusion to a particular group or individual. Just like in an Agatha Christie novel, there’s always a suspect!

Operation Jacana: A Comprehensive Summary

In a nutshell, the tech-pirates are back at it again with a shiny new operation called Operation Jacana. This particular escapade targeted a governmental entity in Guyana. Identified by the keen eyes at ESET, this incident involved a spear-phishing attack (because simple ‘phishing’ is too mainstream for these hackers, apparently!) leading to the deployment of a previously undocumented ‘cyber beast’, DinodasRAT. The crafty folks at ESET could even establish a link between the intrusion and a known threat. You can bet your last dime that this tech-whodunit will keep on spinning!

So next time you hear the word ‘phishing’, remember, it’s not always about picking up your rod and reel. It might just be a tale of how the internet’s version of Captain Hook is off to find his next victim. Now there’s a catch you wouldn’t want to reel in!Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/10/guyana-governmental-entity-hit-by.html

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