Unmasking Phishing Campaigns: Rising Threat for Chinese-Language Speakers

Unmasking Phishing Campaigns: Rising Threat for Chinese-Language Speakers

Email phishing campaigns target Chinese-language speakers

– Several email phishing campaigns are predominantly targeting Chinese-language speakers.
– Such attacks aim to propagate different malware families, including Sainbox RAT, Purple Fox, and a recently detected Trojan named ValleyRAT.
– Proofpoint, an enterprise security company, has disclosed this trend, noting that the involved campaigns include Chinese-language lures and malware, mostly associated with Chinese cybercrime activity.

Chinese-language Phishing Campaigns on the Rise

Phishing campaigns that specifically target Chinese-language speakers are on the rise, proving that ‘phish’ aren’t just attracted to bait, but they’ve got language preferences too! Multiple email phishing campaigns have targeted this demographic, seeking to distribute a multitude of malware families such as Sainbox RAT, the colorful yet perilous Purple Fox, and the newbie in the field, the Trojan, ValleyRAT.

Malware not Lost in Translation

These comprehensive phishing attempts appear to have a penchant for Chinese, with emails lures and malware explicitly crafted in the Chinese language. It’s as though those malicious hackers said let’s game in “Mandarin-mode” for a while! This uniquely localized form of attack aligns mainly with Chinese cybercrime activities, as pointed out by enterprise security firm Proofpoint, who kindly disclosed this information. It seems that cybercrime, like a bad case of tech flu, knows no cultural or geographical boundaries!

A New Player: ValleyRAT

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about the new kid in town; a Trojan called ValleyRAT. The Trojan’s goal is simple but destructive, like your morning coffee; it wakes up your system, but not in the way you’d want. This new guy works alongside the traditional malware workers like Sainbox RAT and Purple Fox, assisting in carrying out digital disruptions and attacks.

In Conclusion

To sum it up, phishing campaigns are now playing the linguistic card and targeting Chinese-language speakers to distribute an array of malware families. The most noticeable are Sainbox RAT, Purple Fox, and the newly identified ValleyRAT. Proofpoint has brought this trend to light, emphasizing that these campaigns are reminiscent of typical Chinese cybercrime activities. In a world growing closer through technology, it’s important to remember that cybercriminals are becoming just as cosmopolitan. It’s not just that malware speaks ‘Mandarin’; it’s that it’s fluent in disruption and chaos! Remember, stay safe, because unlike fortune cookies, these messages don’t bring good luck!Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/09/sophisticated-phishing-campaign_20.html


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