“Unmasking QakBot: The Rise in Malware Command-and-Control Servers”

“Unmasking QakBot: The Rise in Malware Command-and-Control Servers”

QakBot Operators Spice up Malware Scene with New Command-and-Control Servers

Main Points:

  • QakBot (QBot) malware operators have created 15 new command-and-control (C2) servers since June 2023.
  • This insight resulted from Team Cymru’s continual analysis of the malware’s infrastructure.
  • This follows the findings of Lumen Black Lotus Labs, which revealed that 25% of C2 servers operate only for a single day.

QakBot: The Cranny Invader

Just like chocolate chip cookies find their way into every corner of the cookie jar, QakBot (also known as QBot) malware seems to have implanted itself into the computing world. The industrious operators behind this cyber headache have managed to establish 15 new command-and-control (C2) servers since June 2023. It’s like they just pulled an all-nighter at a coding marathon!

The Team Behind the Scenes

This discovery is the fruit of Team Cymru’s relentless pursuit of the malware’s infrastructure. Just like a detective peeling layers off of a crime organization, they’ve been diving headlong into the labyrinthine world of cyber threats. Hats off to Team Cymru and their commitment to making the digital space a safer place. It’s quite the digital sleuthing!

The Vanishing Act

In a move that could rival Houdini’s escapology, Lumen Black Lotus Labs had earlier exposed that a quarter of the malware’s C2 servers only spring to life for a single day. It’s like a firework – they come, light up the sky, and poof – they’re gone! It’s almost impressive, if it weren’t for the whole ‘malware causing havoc’ part that is.

In Summary:

The sneaky QakBot malware operators have us all on our toes. With a successful setup of 15 new command-and-control servers since June 2023, they’re infiltrating the digital space like ants at a picnic. Team Cymru’s unfaltering quest to track and understand the malware’s infrastructure and Lumen Black Lotus Labs’ exposure of the malware’s evanescent activity continues to keep us well-informed and ready for the fight against this digital invader. After all, no one likes ants at their picnic.

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/08/qakbot-malware-operators-expand-c2.html


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