“Unmasking Scattered Spider: A New Cyber Threat Impersonating New Hires in Global Organizations”

“Unmasking Scattered Spider: A New Cyber Threat Impersonating New Hires in Global Organizations”

Scattered Spider: The Prolific Threat Hiding in Plain Sight

Main Points:

  • The threat actor, Scattered Spider, has been seen impersonating new hires within organizations.
  • By disguising as novices, they manage to breach accounts and organizations worldwide.
  • Microsoft has flagged Scattered Spider as a notably dangerous financial criminal organization.

Scattered Spider’s Camouflage Tactic

Scattered Spider, a source of multiple cyber threats, has been observed doing what they do best with a twist. This group has turned to impersonating new hires in targeted organizations, sneaking in through the on-hire process as smoothly as a digital ninja. Imagine someone coming to ‘work’ with you under the impression of being a novice, but in reality, it’s like inviting a wolf into your sheep house. Unfortunately, these wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing tactics have successfully allowed them to breach accounts across the globe. It’s as though they’ve been given the keys to the kingdom, but without the customary coronation ceremony.

Microsoft Sounds the Alarm

The tech giant, Microsoft, isn’t being hush-hush about these covert actions. Instead, they’ve taken on the role of town crier, disclosing the activities of this financially motivated hacking crew. Microsoft describes this adversary in no uncertain terms as “one of the most dangerous financial criminal organizations.” To put a light spin on a serious issue, it seems even cyber criminals now need job appraisals!


To sum up, the threat actor Scattered Spider has adopted a cloak-and-dagger approach, masquerading as new employees in various firms to perpetrate cyber crimes. Due to their subterfuge, they’ve successfully managed to breach accounts worldwide, affirming their status as a global threat. Microsoft has taken the initiative to disclose these activities, cautioning organizations about their potential risk. It’s increasingly clear that when it comes to dealing with cyber security, sometimes the ‘spider’ you need to fear most is the one that’s already in your web.

P.S – Remember back in the day when impersonating someone meant stealing their lunch? How times have changed!

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/10/microsoft-warns-as-scattered-spider.html

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