“Unmasking Spyware: Illicit Telegram Variants on Google Play Store”

“Unmasking Spyware: Illicit Telegram Variants on Google Play Store”

Spyware Disguised as Telegram Spotted in Google Play Store

Article Highlights:

  1. Data-harvesting spyware camouflages itself as modified versions of Telegram on the Google Play Store.
  2. The malicious app features were discovered by Kaspersky security researcher Igor Golovin.
  3. The apps capture and exfiltrate sensitive user information, including names, user IDs, contacts, phone numbers, and chat messages, sending them to servers controlled by malicious actors.

Spyware Plays Hide and Seek in Google Store

You thought you were downloading a harmless version of Telegram, but surprise, it carries more than you thought- a cold-hearted, data-stealing spyware posing as a modified version of the instant messaging app. Like the moment you find a raisin in your cookie, thinking it was a chocolate chip, this wants your data, not to sweeten the deal, but to sour it.

A Bitter Discovery By Kaspersky Researcher

Kaspersky security research super-sleuth, Igor Golovin, realized that there’s more to these apps than meets the eye. His findings unraveled features cunningly designed to capture your personal information, just like how your dad captures embarrassing moments at family gatherings.

Apps Extricating Bells and Whistles… and Your Data

Reminiscent of rogue stage magicians at a kids’ party, these apps perform the nefarious trick of capturing and exfiltrating sensitive information from the compromised Android devices. Names, user IDs, contacts, phone numbers, and chat messages were stashed and swished off to a server under control of the tricksters, much like a magic hat trick, except there’s no rabbit, just your personal information disappearing.

In Summary

In a nutshell (or in this case, a Trojan horse), the Google Play Store has been the unwitting host to spyware posing as modified versions of Telegram. Identified by Kaspersky’s researcher, Igor Golovin, these apps whisked away user data and transmitted them to a server managed by cyber villains. Be aware, for you could be downloading much more than what you signed up for – including free tickets to your own surprise data heist.

Takeaway? Always check the cookie before biting into it, or in this case, scrutinize the app before installing it! Because in the world of tech, raisins can be disguised as chocolate chips.

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/09/millions-infected-by-spyware-hidden-in.html

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