Unmasking StripedFly: The Silent Crypto-mining Malware That Infected Millions for Five Years Unnoticed

Unmasking StripedFly: The Silent Crypto-mining Malware That Infected Millions for Five Years Unnoticed

StripedFly Malware: A ‘Crypto-mining’ Multi-million Intruder Lurking for Half a Decade

Main points:

– Advanced malware dubbed as StripedFly has been active for over five years unnoticed
– It infected one million devices globally
– StripedFly mirrors a cryptocurrency miner
– It’s an intricate modular framework that targets both Linux and Windows
– Findings were discovered by Russian cybersecurity company, Kaspersky

Meet StripedFly, the Silent, Long-term Guest

Do you remember having that one guest who overstayed their welcome at your house? Okay, now imagine that guest silently living in your house for five years. Quite an unsettling thought, isn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what an advanced strain of malware dubbed as StripedFly did. It’s been living in devices worldwide for over half a decade without anyone noticing. Quite the sneaky virtual roommate, eh?

The “Crypto-mining” Housecrasher

StripeFly wasn’t viewed as an obnoxious guest, but rather a cryptocurrency miner doing its daily routine. This disguise allowed it to fly under our radars for this long. To put it to a dad-joke like context, it’s like a burglar pretending to be a vacuum cleaner all this while — busy, noisy but seemingly harmless.

StripedFly: A Multi-OS Infiltrator

What makes this malware particularly interesting (and disturbing), is its support for both the Linux and Windows operating systems. This little virtual bugger doesn’t discriminate on what it invades. Now, that’s an equal opportunity infector if ever I saw one!

Detection by Kaspersky

The fact that StripedFly played its game undetected for years is a masterstroke in itself. Its discovery came from Kaspersky, a Russian cybersecurity company. It’s like finding a stealthy mouse in the cybersecurity kitchen by the most vigilant cat — in a good way, of course!

In summary, StripedFly is an advanced malware that has been silently existing on over a million devices worldwide for five years. It masquerades as a cryptocurrency miner, targeting both Linux and Windows machines. This stealthy malware has been unearthed by cybersecurity firm Kaspersky. If malware were a party crasher, StripedFly would be the one who sneaks in, acts like part of the background, and stays long after the last guest has left.Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/11/stripedfly-malware-operated-unnoticed.html

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