Unmasking Telekopye: Exploring the New Bot Threat on Telegram

Unmasking Telekopye: Exploring the New Bot Threat on Telegram

The Lowdown on the Telekopye Bot

– ESET warned about a malicious bot called Telekopye on Telegram being used for large-scale phishing scams.
– Telekopye is capable of crafting phishing websites, emails, SMS messages, and more.
– The perpetrators behind the operation, dubbed ‘Neanderthals’, operate it as a service.

Talking ‘Bot the Threat: Telekopye Unveiled

Reliable sources (we’re not Telegramming the information, promise!) unveiled that as murky as the cyber underworld can be, it just got a whole lot murkier with the discovery of a certain Mr. Nasty – the Telekopye bot existing within the encrypted realm of Telegram. This bot is not here to send your ‘I Love You’ messages, folks! Oh no, it’s crafting more sinister stuff like phishing websites, emails, and SMS messages. Surveys say “phishing niche” was the number one reply when bots were asked about their hobbies – not really, but it seems like it might be true!

Gift Wrapping a Cybercrime: The ‘Neanderthals’ at Work

As for the “Picassos” behind this masterpiece? An enterprise cunningly codenamed ‘Neanderthals’ (we thought those guys didn’t understand technology!). But these modern-day Neanderthals are far from extinct in the cyber world. In fact, they are widely known for running this cybercriminal enterprise as a service. Package it as ‘Crime-as-a-Service’ (CaaS), and you’ve got yourself a booming shady business. Talk about capitalism in the Dark Ages!

Summing it Up: Security Alert on the Loose

Attempting a pun on doomsday: We have entered the “Phish Age,” where malicious bots and cunning codenames like Telekopye and ‘Neanderthals’ run amok. They don’t play fair, churning out phishing scams on a larger scale than a fish market during the holiday season. When it comes to the cyber war, it seems our only hope is to band together, stay informed, and phishing-proof our devices. So raise a firewall to that and encrypt like there’s no tomorrow, folks!Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/11/cybercriminals-using-telekopye-telegram.html

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