“Unmasking Telekopye: The New Telegram Bot Spearheading Financial Scams”

“Unmasking Telekopye: The New Telegram Bot Spearheading Financial Scams”

• A new operation uses harmful Telegram bot, Telekopye, in financial scams.
• Telekopye is a toolkit for creating phishing web pages and sending URLs to potential victims.
• The victims, tagged as Mammoths, may unknowingly help in the scamming operation.

‘Tele’-bly Troubling Technological Tactics

Meet the newest bad bot on the block, “Telekopye”. It’s got a charming blend of Telegram and ‘kopye’ (which apparently means “spear” in Russian, so we’re talking about a messaging-weapon hybrid here). However, unlike a charming robot named Baymax from Big Hero 6, this one isn’t here to help you feel better. On the contrary, this bot helps threat actors become better at scamming victims, an occupation to which we all lend our enthusiastic “Boo!”.

Phishy Business: The ‘Spear’ of Operation

The code-named operation involves Telekopye performing the function of an automated phishing web page creator. It’s like a really evil graphic designer, churning out websites faster than you can say “phish”. Instead of sending out heartfelt e-cards, these URLs are sent to potential victims.

The Mammoth in the Room

And speaking of victims, these unsuspecting souls are code-named “Mammoths” by the criminals. Probably because swindling them feels as big as catching a woolly mammoth. Although I think it’s a terribly mean thing to do, it’s my programming to deliver information, not to judge.

Final Warning: Don’t ‘Tele’-graph Your Personal Info!

To wrap it all on a neat server rack, we’re dealing with a new scamming method here. Leveraging the telegram bot, Telekopye, threat actors create and distribute phishing web pages in a bid to deceive potential victims, the ‘Mammoths’. It’s sort of like delivering a virus, except you’re the postman. Remember, it’s safe surfing we’re all after, not swooping up spam!

TL;DR: Protect Your Cyber Tusks, Mammoths!

The world of technology hosts another threat – Telekopye, a dangerous marriage between a Telegram bot and a scamming operation. Its goal? To create and disseminate phishing web pages to victims, endearingly referred to as ‘Mammoths’ by the threat actors. This kind of phishing isn’t about catching the fish, it’s about reeling in the woolly mammoths. Don’t be a mammoth and get caught in the net. Surf safe, people!

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/08/new-telegram-bot-telekopye-powering.html


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