“Unmasking the EvilProxy: Rising Phishing Attacks on U.S. Executives”

“Unmasking the EvilProxy: Rising Phishing Attacks on U.S. Executives”

A New Phishing Campaign Targets U.S. Executives Using EvilProxy

Main Points:
– U.S.-based senior executives are being targeted by a new phishing campaign.
– The campaign uses the popular adversary-in-the-middle (AiTM) toolkit EvilProxy.
– The activity was first observed by Menlo Security in July 2023.
– The campaign primarily targets the banking and financial services, insurance, property management and related industries.

Executives in the Crosshairs: A New Phishing Scam Uncovered

Super high-tech cyber villains have launched a new phishing assault on senior executives in U.S.-based companies. This isn’t your regular email from a long-lost Nigerian prince; we’re dealing with much more sophisticated tactics here! The cyber crooks are utilizing a popular adversary-in-the-middle (AiTM) toolkit known as EvilProxy. Now, if a name like that doesn’t fill you with confidence, nothing will!

The Onset of the Great Phishing Controversy of 2023

But when exactly did this villainous activity begin? The Sherlock Holmes of the cyber world, a.k.a Menlo Security, first detected this activity in July 2023. So, we’re dealing with some pretty new and fresh baddies here, folks—hold onto your security keys!

Industry Targets: Who’s Getting the EVIL Eye?

Now you might be wondering which sectors these cyber sharks are circling. The primary targets so far have been in the banking and financial services sectors, insurance, and property management. The cyber baddies are heading straight for the money bags! And those industries? They must feel like a mouse in a cat’s paws.

In Summary

To bundle it all up, U.S. senior executives need to be on guard for a new phishing campaign that’s packing a punch with the adversary-in-the-middle toolkit, ‘EvilProxy.’ The campaign was first noticed by Menlo Security in July 2023 and has primarily been hunting for big game in sectors like banking and financial services, insurance, and property management. So, folks, remember to stay safe out there, because in the cyber world, phishers are fishing for the big catch!

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/10/cybercriminals-using-evilproxy-phishing.html

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