“Unmasking the Lazarus Group: The Intricate Cyber-Attack on a Spanish Aerospace Firm”

“Unmasking the Lazarus Group: The Intricate Cyber-Attack on a Spanish Aerospace Firm”

North Korean Lazarus Group Sneaks into Spanish Aerospace Company with A Little “Meta-Recruiting”

Digital Espionage Targets Spanish Aerospace Firm

Throwing a different kind of punch, the infamous North Korea-linked group known as the Lazarus Group hit the world’s cyber stage in another notorious role. This time, they made their cyber theatrical debut as a recruiter—artfully dubbed “Meta-Recruiter.” The group targeted an unidentified aerospace firm situated in Spain for its cyber espionage program.

Recruiting? Think Twice Before You Click that Link!

There’s a lot of phishing in the employment pool these days. In one of their darker tales, our “Meta-Recruiter,” aka the Lazarus Group, approached the employees of the victimized company through LinkedIn. That’s like getting a worm on a hook from the online job market. The employees were deceived into clicking a malicious executable file, which then presented itself as a coding – talk about a ‘killer’ application!


In a recent cyber skulduggery, North Korea-tied Lazarus Group impersonated a recruiter for Meta to launch an espionage attack against a Spanish aerospace company. The unsuspecting employees were baited through LinkedIn and were deceived into running a malignant executable file under the guise of a coding application. Let’s just say, in this scenario, we believe that crime doesn’t SDL-C (software development life-cycle), folks!

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/09/lazarus-group-impersonates-recruiter.html

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