“Unmasking the NetSupport RAT: Cyber Attacks on Education, Government, and Business Sectors”

“Unmasking the NetSupport RAT: Cyber Attacks on Education, Government, and Business Sectors”

Main Points:

  1. Threat actors are launching cyber attacks on education, government, and business sectors using a remote access trojan known as NetSupport RAT.
  2. NetSupport RAT is being delivered through deceptive updates, drive-by downloads, the use of malware loaders like GHOSTPULSE, and various phishing campaigns.
  3. The findings were revealed by VMware Carbon Black researchers in a report shared with The Hacker News.

Cyber Attack on Three Sectors

Attention students, government officials, and folks in business services! No, you haven’t won a free trip to the Bahamas. But you’ve been targeted by threat actors who have a strong affinity for Remote Access Trojans, specifically named NetSupport RAT. Don’t worry, this isn’t a rodent. It’s worse. This deviously programmed code can provide hackers unrestricted access to your digital territory. How about that for an unexpected guest? Yes, it rivals your mother-in-law popping over without notice.

Unwelcome Delivery

The delivery methods for this NetSupport RAT resemble your Ex who keeps coming back – through phony updates, drive-by downloads, utilization of malware loaders. One example they gave was GHOSTPULSE, that, contrary to its name, is very much alive and as annoying as a drum solo in a library. Oh, and let’s not forget phishing campaigns that make real phishing look like a bona fide outdoor hobby.

Breaking News From VMware Carbon Black

To round out the curveball, the ones who untangled this convoluted web were the researchers at VMware Carbon Black through a report they were kind enough to share with The Hacker News. Maybe they’ll get a good citizen badge for that. Here’s hoping that they at least received a thank you note.

In Summary:

To paraphrase, Hades has opened its gates, and the security of education, government and business services sectors are in jeopardy. The underworld creatures are launching a remote access trojan known as NetSupport RAT using highly deceptive techniques. VMware Carbon Black researchers managed to shine a light on these dark deeds in a report they shared with The Hacker News. If this was a sci-fi movie, they’d be our heroes saving the day. But it’s not, so they’re just doing their job, though applause is always appreciated.

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/11/netsupport-rat-infections-on-rise.html

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