Unmasking the New Facebook Malvertising Scam: Click Traps and NodeStealer Malware Exposed

Unmasking the New Facebook Malvertising Scam: Click Traps and NodeStealer Malware Exposed

Malvertising Scam Leveraging Facebook Ads

Main Points

  • Hijacked Facebook business accounts are running fraudulent ads, often featuring “revealing photos of young women” as bait.
  • The trick is to manipulate victims into downloading an upgraded variant of NodeStealer malware.
  • Clicking on the deceptive ads instantly downloads a file package that contains a malicious .exe ‘Photo Album’ file.
  • This payload also releases a second executable written in .NET, handling its nefarious activities.

Sowing the Seeds of Deceit

Facebook’s rogue business accounts are branching out to a bolder, naughtier territory, folks! They’ve been observed running unscrupulous ads that cleverly employ titillating images of young women as flypaper. But heed this call—it’s nothing more than a ploy to trick the ‘click-happy’ populace into downloading an uprated version of NodeStealer malware. It’s like a bad techno twist on “robbing Peter to pay Paul”—except you’re Peter, and Paul’s a crook!

Click-And-Collect Malware

Falling for their trick—an unceremonious click on these deceptive ads—ushers an immediate download of an archive file which hoards a harmful .exe ‘photo album file.’ This ominous package resembles those surprise gift boxes with a boxing glove inside, waiting to strike when unsuspected. It’s more ‘trick’ than ‘treat,’ folks, akin to getting a malware-infused toffee apple at a virtual Halloween.

Double trouble payload

And if the initial infection wasn’t enough, there’s more ‘fun’ in store. This payload doesn’t roll solo—it brings along a second executable written in .NET for the malevolent journey. They’re essentially Bonnie and Clyde of the cyberworld! Talk about a power couple, but unfortunately, their power mainly involves wreaking havoc on your digital life.

Wrapping Up

Based on the sweet and innocent façade of some revealing ads on Facebook, cyber felons are wreaking havoc with a renewed version of NodeStealer malware. It’s a new low even for cybercriminal standards. So folks, just remember – not every click is a step towards tech utopia, but could potentially be a digital dive into a malware-infested quagmire.

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/11/nodestealer-malware-hijacking-facebook.html


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