Unmasking the New Ransomware Threat: An Insight into Hunters International

Unmasking the New Ransomware Threat: An Insight into Hunters International

A New Wave of Ransomware Threat: Hunters International

The Rise of Hunters International Ransomware Group

Move over Hive, there’s a new colony in town! The threat landscape has a new player, and it’s named Hunters International. Kicked into action with a little help from its retired friends, this new ransomware group has taken charge by acquiring the source code and infrastructure of the now-defunct Hive operation. It’s like the Evil Genius Apprentice taking over the reigns from the Supervillain Retiree!

Hive’s Legacy Lives On

Who said only Hollywood recycles old stories? Apparently, the ne’er-do-wells of the cyber world are fans of the trend too. The leadership of the Hive group made a strategic decision to cease their operations and pass on their remaining assets to another group. Sort of like a twisted, dark web version of an inheritance – Hunters International.

Summary: New Threat Emerges from Old Code

As the saying goes, “old hackers never die; they just start new ransomware groups.” And Hunters International is no exception. This newly formed group has certainly stirred up the threat atmosphere by leveraging the source code from the retired Hive.
Expect to see them buzzing around and leaving quite an impact on the threat landscape. Remember, in this game it’s survival of the most secure, so, ain’t nobody got ‘hive’ for that!

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/11/new-ransomware-group-emerges-with-hives.html

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