“Unmasking the Risks: The Impact of Generative AI Tools on Data Privacy and Security”

“Unmasking the Risks: The Impact of Generative AI Tools on Data Privacy and Security”

Generative AI Tools: Are Your Secrets Safe?

Main Points:

– Generative AI tools, like ChatGPT, are gaining in popularity rapidly.
– According to Gartner’s report, these AI tools pose potential risks to data privacy and security.
– A new webinar, featuring a top-level executive from Fortune 100 and the CEO of LayerX, offers insightful discussions around this subject.

Generative AI Tools: The New Big Thing or the Next Big Problem?

Generative AI tools (we’re looking at you, ChatGPT) are becoming the tech equivalent of that popular kid everyone wants to be around. These tools can create brand new content that seems so human-like, it could have been written by Shakespeare’s tech-savvy descendants. However, as much as we admire these wunderkinds and their capabilities, they also bring along potential threats to data privacy and security.

Gartner Rings Alarm Bells: Emerging Risks Within Generative AI

According to Gartner’s report titled “Emerging Tech: Top 4 Security Risks of GenAI”, these AI tools, while being the latest stars in the tech field, are like Hollywood celebrities with a penchant for “accidentally” spilling confidential data. It denotes privacy and data security as one of the four major emerging risks within generative AI.

The Big Names Join The Discussion: A New Webinar on GenAI Risks

Imagine getting hitched without knowing much about your partner’s background? That’s how some companies might feel about jumping aboard the GenAI bandwagon without being fully aware of the potential side effects. This is where our knights in shining business suits come in – a multi-time Fortune 100 CISO and the CEO of LayerX – prepared to sweep us off our feet with a webinar enlightening us about these matters.

In Summary:

As generative AI tools like ChatGPT grow in use, so does the concern over data privacy and security. Gartner, in its recent report, has flagged this as a significant risk. To further delve into this issue, a webinar led by a Fortune 100 CISO and the CEO of LayerX aims to offer necessary insights, rendering these tools less like blindly participating in tech roulette and more of an informed gamble.

Here’s a tech-dad joke for the road:

Why don’t hard drives ever get to sleep? Because they’re too busy saving everything else!

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/09/live-webinar-overcoming-generative-ai.html


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