“Unmasking the Stealth: Analyzing the New Post-Exploit Persistence Method in iOS 16”

“Unmasking the Stealth: Analyzing the New Post-Exploit Persistence Method in iOS 16”

Main Points:
– Cybersecurity researchers discovered a new post-exploit persistence method on iOS 16
– The technique can bypass apparent offline status and maintain access despite the device being on Airplane Mode
– The attacker gains access after successfully exploiting the device and creates an artificial ‘sleep’ state
– The tactic employs a custom SSH server to bypass sandbox restrictions
– The potential implications include credential theft, eavesdropping, and the undermining of Apple’s security reputation

Sneaky Persistence Method Found in iOS 16

Phantom Airplane Mode:

Ever wonder why your iPhone seems to have a mind of its own? Cybersecurity researchers might have found the cause. They’ve uncovered a cheeky new post-exploit persistence method on iOS 16 that could help attackers maintain access to an Apple device even when the user has hit the ‘off’ button. As shocking as finding out your dishwasher is in conversation with your toaster, this breakthrough could spell trouble in your tech haven.

Trick of the Tech:

Now for the “fun” part. This ne’er-do-well method essentially tricks the user into thinking their device’s Airplane mode works when it’s actually riding solo in the cyber sky. Queue the movie‚Äôs ominous music; following a successful exploit of the device, the attacker plants an artificial ‘sleep’ state. Now isn’t that a twist ending? Our villain essentially tricks the device into taking a power nap, making the victim believe it’s offline. Talk about pulling the wool over your screen!

Bypassing Boundaries:

Just like a crafty mouse finding its way into a pantry, the method employs a custom SSH server to sneak past iOS’s sandbox restrictions. If the initial exploit was the appetizer, this SSH server must be the main course. Findings like these are like tech breadcrumbs, leading us straight to a deeply rooted issue.


The potential implications of this are graver than forgetting the WiFi password for the third time this week. Besides simple access, echoes of credential theft and eavesdropping loom large under this stealthy tactic. More so, the discovery could take a bite off Apple’s usually ‘crisp’ reputation for security. As they say, an Apple a day doesn’t keep the hackers away!


To wrap it up in a nutshell, researchers have found a novel post-exploit mayhem maker on iOS 16 that could let malicious attackers play peek-a-boo with Apple users. This method tricks the device into an artificial ‘offline’ mode while actually maintaining access. It employs a custom SSH server to bypass sandbox restrictions and potentially lead to credential theft, eavesdropping, and potentially ruining Apple’s ‘impeccable’ security image. It’s another reminder that in this digital age, complacency could be the license for ne’er-do-well cyber lurkers. So, keep your eyes peeled, and remember, even in Airplane mode, you might not be alone!

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/08/new-apple-ios-16-exploit-enables.html


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