“Unraveling APT31’s Cyber Attacks: China-Linked Hackers Target Eastern European Industrials”

“Unraveling APT31’s Cyber Attacks: China-Linked Hackers Target Eastern European Industrials”

Chinese-Linked Hacking Crew Suspected of Attacks on Eastern European Industries

– APT31, a hacker group linked to China, is suspected of executing a series of data theft attacks last year on industrial organizations in Eastern Europe.
– Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky has ascribed the cyber-attacks to APT31, also denoted as Bronze Vinewood, with medium to high confidence levels.
– The targets were air-gapped systems, machines that are isolated from the internet and other networks to enhance security.

An Escalation in Data Heist: China’s APT31 Suspected

Investigations are pointing fingers at a nation-state actor with links to China for a series of attacks conducted last year against industrial organizations in Eastern Europe. The culprit seems to be the notorious APT31, a hacking crew also under the spotlight under the moniker, Bronze Vinewood. Undercover agents or Hollywood super-villains? Unfortunately, they’re closer to the latter, my friends.

Kaspersky’s Findings: Connecting the Cyber Dots

Global cybersecurity firm, Kaspersky, steps into the Sherlock Homes zone of digital forensics, attributing these intrusions with medium to high confidence levels to – you guessed it – APT31. Their escapades read like a best-selling cybercrime novel, but unfortunately, fiction has nothing on these real-life cyber bandits. Just imagine them cackling evilly in their hacker hideout, revolving bookcase and concealed flatscreen monitor, no doubt!

Target: Air-gapped Systems

Their primary target? Air-gapped systems. These are machines purposely isolated from the internet and other networks, a bit like your grandpa swearing off social media to protect his privacy. You would think these systems would be safe, right? Not quite. Our industrious hackers have found a way around, proving nothing is too far or too disconnected for their illegitimate pursuits.

Article Summary

A hacker group linked to China known as APT31, or Bronze Vinewood, if you like your hackers movie-named, is believed to be the source of a series of cyber attacks carried out last year on industrial organizations’ air-gapped systems in Eastern Europe. So far, their internet heists have sounded alarm bells at global cybersecurity firm, Kaspersky, which has pointed its virtual finger with reasonable certainty at APT31. Air-gapped systems, think of your neighbor’s paranoid internet off-grid living, were their main target. Heist story, eat your heart out. 

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/08/chinas-apt31-suspected-in-attacks-on.html


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