“Unraveling the CPU Threat Trio: An Insight into Collide+Power, Downfall, & Inception Side-Channel Attacks”

“Unraveling the CPU Threat Trio: An Insight into Collide+Power, Downfall, & Inception Side-Channel Attacks”

Breaking down the CPU Calamity: A Trio of Side-Channel Attacks

Main Points:
  • Cybersecurity researchers reveal details about three side-channel attacks.
  • The attacks are named Collide+Power (CVE-2023-20583), Downfall (CVE-2022-40982), and Inception (CVE-2023-20569).
  • These attacks follow a previously disclosed AMD’s Zen 2 architecture-based processors vulnerability.

Cybersecurity Researchers Lift the Lid on CPU Vulnerability Trio

So it seems, again, someone left the back door open in the tech universe and this time cyber squatters moved right in. That’s right, cybersecurity researchers have unmasked the deets for three jazzy-sounding, but potentially devastating side-channel attacks.

Meet the Perpetrators – Collide+Power, Downfall, and Inception

Introducing our villains of the hour: Collide+Power (CVE-2023-20583), Downfall (CVE-2022-40982), and Inception (CVE-2023-20569). Don’t be fooled by their blockbuster names; behind their identity coolness lies the ability to spill your sensitive data. Not so cool after all, huh? Think of them like that sneaky person at a party who spills your embarrassing high school stories despite having only met you five minutes ago.

A Deja Vu for AMD’s Zen 2 Architecture Users

These new threats coming hot on the heels of the recent reveal of a security flaw in AMD’s Zen 2 architecture-based processors. It’s like AMD is walking down the street, finds a dollar on the ground, only to get home and realize they left their front door open and their couch is gone. A security breach is definitely not a cherry on top of the cyber sundae for them.


In the world of CPUs, akin to bizarro version of the three musketeers, Collide+Power, Downfall, and Inception have emerged as potential threats. These side-channel attacks have the ability to leak sensitive data from modern CPUs, acting as a reminder that even the digital world isn’t immune to a good old-fashioned break-in. This revealing came right after AMD’s Zen 2 architecture-based processors were outed for having a security vulnerability of their own, giving AMD a digital double whammy to deal with.

It looks like in the world of tech, keeping your information safe is akin to playing a game of hide and seek. And sometimes, it’s not just ‘IT’, but also the CPU that’s seeking!

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/08/collidepower-downfall-and-inception-new.html

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