Unraveling the Mystery: Ukraine’s Telecom Outage Cyber Attack of 2023

Unraveling the Mystery: Ukraine’s Telecom Outage Cyber Attack of 2023

The Ukrainian Telecom Outages – Cyber Trickery Unravelled

  • The CERT-UA disclosed interference by threat actors in 11 different telecom service providers between May and September 2023.
  • The activity, referred to as UAC-0165, led to service interruptions for a significant number of customers.
  • The attack model included an initial ‘reconnaissance phase’.

Unfolding the Telecom Outages in Ukraine

Imagine your telecom signal dropping faster than your dad’s ‘dad jokes’ on a family dinner! The Computer Emergency Response Team of Ukraine (CERT-UA) recently disclosed an alarming interfered activity in at least 11 telecommunication service providers in the country. This cybersecurity misdemeanor occurred between May and September 2023. It seems like those tech outlaws had a ‘summer of mischief’, wreaking havoc in the Ukrainian digital landscape.

The Code Name of Disruption: UAC-0165

The CERT-UA has been tracking this caper under the intriguing code name ‘UAC-0165’. If you’re thinking secret spy flick, you’re not entirely wrong! While our usual bad guys rob banks, these virtual villains were causing service interruptions for customers. It’s like that suspenseful moment in a movie when all communication lines go down, only to find out it’s not a plot twist, but a genuine outage.

Raiders of the Lost Network: The Reconnaissance Phase

The starting point of these attacks was a ‘reconnaissance phase’. You see, before pulling off a ‘job’ these hackers don’t put on a ski-mask and jump into a van, no. They run a reconnaissance, analyzing their ‘targets’, and outlining the best way to infiltrate. It’s like they were playing a game of ‘Capture the Flag’ getting to know the territory better, but the stakes are high and the flag is your network access!

To sum it all up, between May and September 2023, unknown threat actors played around with telecom services in Ukraine, causing service interruptions. The CERT-UA, acting as the Sherlock Holmes of the cyber world, tracked this activity under UAC-0165. The attacks all started with a clever ‘network reconnaissance phase’, making it evident that the intruders weren’t just script-kiddies. These punks meant business, and their ‘business’ was interrupting your calls!Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/10/cert-ua-reports-11-ukrainian-telecom.html


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