“Unveiling OilRig’s Cosmo-Tropical Cyber-Attacks: Israeli Tech Security Faces Space-Fruit Duo Challenge”

“Unveiling OilRig’s Cosmo-Tropical Cyber-Attacks: Israeli Tech Security Faces Space-Fruit Duo Challenge”

A Mélange of Cyber-attacks: OilRig Orchestrates Outer Space and Juicy Mix Campaigns

Main Points:

  • Israeli organizations targeted in two separate cyber-attack campaigns – Outer Space and Juicy Mix, in 2021 and 2022.
  • The Iranian cyber-espionage group, OilRig, anchored these campaigns.
  • The campaigns employed two initially documented backdoors, Solar and Mango.
  • Solar and Mango intended to gather critical information from Windows Credential and major browsers.

Israeli Organizations under Cyber Siege

Here’s some tech gossip straight from the cyber-grapevine. Israeli organizations found themselves in the crosshairs of two distinctly orchestrated cyber strike campaigns in 2021 and 2022. It seems there’s a party happening in the tech world, but we’re unsure if our invitations got lost in the space-time continuum or maybe it’s just another classic case of “The dog ate my email”.

Cyber Espionage Group OilRig Takes the Stage

Our antagonist in this tech drama is none other than the infamous Iranian nation-state actor, OilRig. It seems OilRig has been cooking up a storm in the digital kitchen, and the main course? Espionage! Spicing things up, they named their campaigns Outer Space and Juicy Mix, exuding cosmic aspirations with a tropical twist.

The Use of Backdoors: Solar and Mango

Not to be outdone by their own theatrics, OilRig decided to employ not one, but two backdoors – Solar and Mango, also known as the infamous “Space-Fruit Duo”. Their mission? To gather sensitive data from major browsers and the Windows Credential. Think of them as the parent who snoops through your teenage diary, not for any malicious intent, but merely to get the “juicy” details.


In a nutshell, 2021 and 2022 saw Israeli organizations bear the brunt of two separate cyber-attacks named Outer Space and Juicy Mix. Orchestrated by the Iranian cyber espionage group OilRig, these campaigns deployed two backdoors known as Solar and Mango to collect sensitive info. Like a digital game of hide-and-seek, these attacks served as a stark reminder that cybersecurity can sometimes feel like an interstellar journey. But hey! If the internet was a galaxy, then securing it is a juicy mix of challenges and triumphs, am I right?

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/09/iranian-nation-state-actor-oilrig.html


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