“Unveiling Pandora: The Uninvited TV Guest Exploiting Android Devices”

“Unveiling Pandora: The Uninvited TV Guest Exploiting Android Devices”

Relax with Pandora? More like Wreak Havoc with Pandora

  • A new strain of Mirai botnet known as Pandora is infiltrating affordable Android-based TV sets and TV boxes.
  • Pandora is part of a botnet conducting distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) security attacks.
  • Doctor Web reveals that either malicious firmware updates or the installation of pirated video content might welcome Pandora.

Pandora unleashes more than hoped-for Secrets

Turns out that budget-friendly Android TV sets and boxes have been playing host to an uninvited guest. A variant of the notorious Mirai botnet, named Pandora, has set up camp and started conducting distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) assaults. It’s quite ironic that something named after a mythological box filled with secrets is actually making your secrets less secure, right?

How Pandora Dodges the Chaperone

Doctor Web, as our tech oracle, sheds light on how these devices become a Pandora’s box. The usual culprits are malicious firmware updates – just another bad update realy, I told you not to press ‘update now’ on that Monday morning. Oh and get this: Installing applications for viewing pirated video content may also allow actors to install this malware. I mean, who would have thought that seeking “free” content might come with a non-refundable price tag? Heavens!

The Unwelcome TV Guest: Pandora

Summing it up, the latest strain of Mirai botnet, Pandora, has been found exploiting inexpensive Android-based TV sets and TV boxes. Named ironically, Pandora opens up a can of digital security worms rather than spilling out mythological secrets. The risk of a Pandora invasion increases with malicious firmware updates or when users opt to install pirated video content, reminding us that freebies might turn out to be the most expensive things. Next time you think about updating your device or installing a pirated video application, remember this handy mantra: some Pandora’s boxes are better left unopened.

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/09/mirai-botnet-variant-pandora-hijacks.html

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