“Unveiling the CanesSpy: Spyware-Infected WhatsApp Mods Revealed by Cybersecurity Experts”

“Unveiling the CanesSpy: Spyware-Infected WhatsApp Mods Revealed by Cybersecurity Experts”

Cybersecurity Researchers Uncover Spyware-Infected WhatsApp Mods

Main Points:

  • Cybersecurity researchers discover CanesSpy, a spyware module, in several WhatsApp mods for Android.
  • These modified versions of WhatsApp have been found on questionable websites advertising such software and various Telegram channels being used by Arabic and Azerbaijani speakers.
  • One such Telegram channel reportedly has 2 million users under its influence.

Integration of CanesSpy With WhatsApp Mods:

Cybersecurity researchers had a busy day as they dug up several WhatsApp mods for Android that carry a spyware module affectionately dubbed CanesSpy. Ever thought your phone conversations could be like a spy movie? Well, you’re not that off with CanesSpy on the loose.

Propagation of Infected WhatsApp mods:

Resembling a plot straight out of a James Bond movie, these doctored versions of the renowned messaging app have been sighted propagated on various shady, sketchy websites that advertise such software. As if the world wide web wasn’t dodgy enough!

Proliferation through Telegram Channels:

The adventure doesn’t stop at dodgy websites! It extends onto Telegram channels, primarily utilized by Arabic and Azerbaijani speakers. To truly understand the scale of this infiltration, imagine a packed football stadium. Now multiply that tenfold. That’s the size of one of these Telegram channels with around 2 million users being potentially under the influence of CanesSpy.


In the latest plot twist in the world of cybersecurity, researchers have discovered a new piece of spyware, named CanesSpy. Preying on modified versions of WhatsApp for Android, these corrupted versions are making their rounds on sketchy websites and Telegram channels. Adding a worldwide mystery, the channels are mostly used by Arabic and Azerbaijani speakers. Tune in next time for more entertaining tales from the too-real world of cybersecurity. Remember to keep your gadgets safe because remember, every byte counts!

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/11/canesspy-spyware-discovered-in-modified.html


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