“Vietnamese Cyber Threat Targets Indian Marketing Sector: New Ducktail Tactics Unveiled”

“Vietnamese Cyber Threat Targets Indian Marketing Sector: New Ducktail Tactics Unveiled”

Vietnamese Threat Actors Strike Again: Targeting Indian Marketing Pros

  • Ducktail stealer malware threat actors are tied to a recent campaign that concentrated on marketing professionals in India.
  • The campaign purposed to highjack Facebook business accounts, ran from March to early October 2023.
  • Distinctively, the campaign used Delphi as the programming language, dropping the .NET applications approach used in prior campaigns.

Vietnamese Virtual Villains on the Prowl

They say every dog has its day, but in this case, it seems like every “Duck” (read Ducktail malware) has its target. Last seen swooping over Vietnamese cyber space, the duck has now hopped and skipped over to India, where it’s causing quite a ruckus. In a unique twist of events, the threat actors behind the notorious Ducktail stealer are believed to be linked to a new campaign that preyed on marketing professionals in India, from March through early October 2023. And by “preyed,” we mean engaging in nefarious activities with an intent to hijack Facebook business accounts. Oh, the horror!

Change of Tactics: From .NET to Delphi

Unlike a predictable Netflix series, these threat actors decided it was time to shake things up a bit. Instead of sticking to the beaten .NET path, which they favored in earlier campaigns, they chose Delphi as their go-to programming language this time around. Kid you not, it’s as if they decided to swap their traditional pho for some spicy curry!


All jokes aside, the increasing cyber threat circles from the Vietnamese threat actors to Indian marketing professionals is no laughing matter. Twisting their methods, the latest campaign has shown us that they are not only willing but also more than capable of changing their strategies and tools when attempting to cause chaos. While it’s essential to always maintain a sense of humor in life, let’s not forget the gravity of these cyber threats – keeping our cyber guard up and continually evolving our own defenses is a must. Just like in the realm of dad jokes, timing and adaptability are everything.

We’ve all heard the saying that there’s nothing new under the sun, but in the world of cybercrime, these Ducks seem to be proving us wrong. It’s high time we upped our security and hacker knowledge, otherwise, we risk ending up sitting ducks, and nobody wants that! And remember, stay safe out there because these are not the kind of ducks you want to be feeding at your local pond.Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/11/vietnamese-hackers-using-new-delphi.html

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