“WhatsApp’s Game-Changing Privacy Move: Masking IP Addresses in Calls”

“WhatsApp’s Game-Changing Privacy Move: Masking IP Addresses in Calls”

WhatsApp’s New Privacy Feature: Protecting User IP Addresses

Main Points:

  • WhatsApp, owned by Meta, launches a new feature called “Protect IP Address in Calls”.
  • The feature masks users’ IP addresses during calls, increasing privacy.
  • Even though calls are relayed through WhatsApp’s servers, the content remains encrypted and secure.

WhatsApp’s Strides for Greater Privacy

WhatsApp from Meta, the social giants who used to be Facebook (bit of an identity crisis, aren’t we?), is officially stepping up its privacy game in its messaging service. They are rolling out a new feature aptly named “Protect IP Address in Calls”. It’s like they’re putting a digital cloak on their users’ IPs, kind of like Harry Potter with his invisibility cloak. Except in this case, the wicked wizards are anyone trying to snag your personal IP address.

Data Encryption – The Unbreachable Fortress on WhatsApp Servers

And like a well-shielded fortress, “Calls are end-to-end encrypted, so even if a call is relayed through WhatsApp servers, WhatsApp cannot listen to your calls”. That’s a promising commitment from the company itself! They’re pretty much saying, your calls are like those private dad-son chats; even if they pass through the family room, no one’s supposed to eavesdrop. So when it comes to your calls, Meta’s essentially offering a “what happens on WhatsApp stays on WhatsApp” guarantee. Quite reassuring, right?

Wrap-up: WhatsApp Boosts Privacy Features

In summary, WhatsApp is ramping up user privacy by launching a new feature that conceals users’ IP addresses during calls. They take great lengths to ensure that even though the calls being relayed through their servers, the content is as secure as your dad’s top-secret BBQ sauce recipe. So, need to make a confidential call? Why not give WhatsApp’s new feature a bell?

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/11/whatsapp-introduces-new-privacy-feature.html


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