“Winter Vivern’s New Hunt: Exploiting Zero-Day in Roundcube Webmail Software”

“Winter Vivern’s New Hunt: Exploiting Zero-Day in Roundcube Webmail Software”

Winter Vivern Strikes Again: Roundcube Webmail Software Under Attack

Main points:

– The cyber villain, Winter Vivern, is up to its old tricks, exploiting a newly discovered vulnerability in Roundcube webmail software.
– The exploit happened on October 11, 2023, and victims’ email messages were harvested.
– ESET security researcher Matthieu Faou spots Winter Vivern’s shift from known vulnerabilities to zero-day exploits.

Winter Vivern Exploiting Zero-Day Flaw

Just weeks after the infamous Joker malware attack – no relation to Gotham’s grinning rogue – Winter Vivern, another cyber foe, has been spotted exploiting a zero-day flaw in Roundcube webmail software. Now, “zero-day” doesn’t mean they only work when it’s not your birthday. Rather, it’s a newly discovered software vulnerability that hackers exploit before developers can conjure up a fix.

Victims’ Email Messages Harvested

On October 11, 2023, instead of delivering pumpkin spice lattes, Winter Vivern was serving up a major cybersecurity threat by extracting email messages from victims’ accounts. It’s like the postman delivering your mail, but instead of leaving it at your doorstep, he’s reading it out loud at the town square. No bueno!

Shift from Known Vulnerabilities to Zero-Day Noticed

ESET security researcher Matthieu Faou, who probably doesn’t wear a cape but deserves one, published a report indicating Winter Vivern’s upgrade in tactics. Previously, the threat actor was quite content to use known vulnerabilities. Like a tech-savvy Goldilocks, it’s now moved on to finding vulnerabilities that are just right for its malicious intent.

To summarize, Winter Vivern is raising some chilling alarm bells by exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in Roundcube webmail software. With it broadening its hacking horizons, agencies and users need to stay vigilant. Cyber security isn’t just about fighting off digital bogeymen, it’s about ensuring your personal intel stays as private as your dad’s BBQ sauce recipe.Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/10/nation-state-hackers-exploiting-zero.html

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